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June 19, 2008

so that post didn’t have much of an explanation of what the idea was behind this…

mostly i was looking for a way to share some music that i’ve aquired with some people out there who might be interested….(since i scour the internet for music all the time i’m thinking maybe somebody out there would be interested.)

the concept of this is to rip/post/write about Used reggae 45s i come across….starting with things i have now and maybe eventually being used as kind of a “what have i found lately” type thing….i might throw a 12″ in now and again but mostly this is going to be 7″s (thus the title)….

i’m not interested in posting whole albums (especially not of those that are still in print in one form or another)….there are plenty of other places online where you can do that…


so i think that might be it as an introduction.  say whats up if you are enjoying the tunes or can offer any insight into any of them….