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Horace Andy- Fade Away

August 20, 2008

Horace Andy- Fade Away

Fade Away Dub 2


Like many before me (probably?), I came to love Jamaican musics through Punk/Post Punk/etc… and specifically Adrian Sherwood’s early productions on On U Sound.  So I was pretty stoked to find this single since I fondly remember (and still play) the New Age Steppers version of it.   Unfortunately I discovered that this was not the mid 70s vibe I was hoping it would be but instead a mid 80s(probably a 1987 release) sounding Jazzbo production. Nonetheless Horace’s vocals are still outstanding and the track has its own appeal with layered electronic percussion and other synth tones bouncing in and out around a nice driving (not too thick) synth bass line.  The dub is titled “2” since as far as I can tell I recently found another version of this same production with a different dub.  You may see that in the near future for comparison sake.   I recently purchased a repress of Junior Byles doing the original version of this song that I really wanted so now I can jam out to that as well.


Barrington Levy- Bounty Hunter

August 20, 2008

Barrington Levy- Bounty Hunter



Henry “Junjo” Lawes produced Barrington Levy number from the early ’80s.  This version is a recent repress of what was most likely originally a Volcano label issue (Junjo’s imprint).   Barrington’s haunting vocals blend seemlessly with the economic arrangement performed by the Roots Radics to create as dread an atmosphere as possible.  Early Dancehall streetwise concerns but just as heavy and pleading as the deepest of Roots rockers.  The flip side of course has a killer version produced by Junjo and mixed (presumably) by Scientist for maximum (delayed) effect.   This song (and many other Junjo productions) takes on an added heaviness given that he was gunned down in 1999 in an unsolved drive by shooting.

Dennis Brown- Children of Israel

August 6, 2008

Dennis Brown- Children of Israel

The Revolutionaries- Bionic Man


The first of many Dennis Brown tunes to come.  Such a killer voice.  Given the title, expecting some heavy dread Roots vibes would be appropriate and you will not be disappointed.  The Revolutionaries, featuring Sly’s drumming constantly pushing things forward along with some killer organ riffs, provide an economical but throughly enjoyable backing.  The dub subtracts the organ (or moves it into the background) adds some horns and tambourine and off course throws on large amounts of delay.  Killer delayed sax solo as well…

These are the credits for the album version of this song at least….guessing the dub was done at King Tubby’s….

Vocals : Dennis Brown

Drums : Sly Dunbar & Mikey Boo Richards

Bass : Lloyd Parks

Guitar : Willie Lindo & Bo Peep

Piano : Franklyn Bubbler Waul

Organ : Winston Wright

Trombone : Nambo Robinson

Saxophone : Dean Fraser

Trumpet : David Madden