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Prince Alla- Stone

July 1, 2008


Prince Alla- Stone

Prince Alla- Stone Dub


Heavy dread vibes on this one (along with a lot of surface noise, especially on the A side).  Almost any song that opens with a heavy thunder crash you know is going to bring something serious and this one is no exception, a glorious organ melody takes over leading into the verse which talks about Jah providing a “stone” to destroy Rome and assorted other injustices….

The B side’s dub, performed masterfully (of course) by the King (Tubby) himself, is a lesson in economy.    The track is stripped to its barest bones for most of this side allowing glimpses of delayed and decaying vocals and/or organ to shine through in a haze before the skeleton of the song once again takes over.  Hard hitter.

Here are some credits I found for this one (well from a collection this song is found on…I believe that this was a Soul Syndicate backed track so those guys listed are probably the ones playing)

Vocals: Prince Alla
Backing Band: The Revolutionaries & The Soul Syndicate
Producer: Bertram Brown & Tony Mack & R. Lightbourne & Prince Alla
Engineer: Scientist
Recording: Channel One (Kingston, JA)
Mixing: Channel One (Kingston, JA) & King Tubby’s (Kingston, JA)
Mixing Engineer: Ernest Hoo Kim & King Tubby & Scientist
Drums: Santa Davis & Max Edwards & Sly Dunbar
Bass: Fully Fullwood & Robbie Shakespeare
Lead Guitar: Chinna & Tony Chin
Keyboards: Gladdy Anderson & Jah McKaya & Keith Sterling
Sax: Deadly Headly
Harmonica: Jimmy Becker
Percussion: Skully